Youth Olympic Games has been launched in Lillehammer

03:19 - 13 Feb, 2016

The official opening ceremony of the 2nd Winter Youth Olympic Games took place at Lillehammer’s central stadium with Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s participation.

The official opening ceremony was held at Lysgardsbakkene stadium where the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympic Games were opened. It is very cold in Lillehammer these days but the teams participated in the ceremony with large delegations. The place designed for the participants was full of athletes who didn’t miss the opportunity to exchange their pins once again.

Before the launch of the ceremony International Olympic Committee President Tomas Bach congratulated all the athletes for being a part of such a great event. “Dear athletes, welcome to your games. The next 10 days will be unforgettable for you. These games will be about your love for sport. They will be about learning and sharing and about making new friends”, IOC President Tomas Bach noted.

The honor of bringing the Olympic flag to the stadium was given to athletes who had been prize winners of Olympic Games. Norwegians took an Olympic oath on behalf of athletes, coaches and referees.

The Olympic flame was lighted by Princes Ingrid Alexandra of Norway.

The slogan of the Winter Olympics is “Go Beyond and Create Tomorrow”.

Lillehammer, Norway

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