Armenia's basketball teams’ competitors will be announced on January 22

15:53 - 12 Jan, 2016

2016 will be unprecedentedly rich for Armenian basketball. 4 different age group teams are going to take part in European various championships.

On January 22 the 2016 European Basketball Championship will be held in Munich where the opponents of Armenian teams will be announced.

Men’s national team

For the first time the Armenian national team will take part in the European Championship for Small Countries which will be held in Moldova. The terms will become known on January 22.
12 countries have got the right to participate in the European Championship for Small Countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Andorra, Gibraltar, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Wales, and Scotland.

Men’s U20 team

Armenia will join in the U20 European Championship-Division B for the second year in a row. It is expected that this year more than 20 participant countries will attend the contest, among them will also be basketball superpowers like Russia, Greece and Croatia. The Championship is designed to hold from July 15 to 24 in Chalkida, near the city of Athens.

Men’s U16 team

After 5 years of break Armenia’s junior team will play in an international arena coming out at the European Championship-Division C with almost 10 teams. The championship will be held in Cyprus.

Women’s U18 team

In women’s tournaments Armenia will be represented only by one team. Armenia’s U18 team will compete in the European Championship-Division C to be held in Georgia. It is expected that the championship will bring together 6-8 teams.

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