Levon Julfalakyan: Any athlete is welcome to the team

17:30 - 14 May, 2019

Head coach of the Armenia Greco-Roman wrestling team Levon Julfalakyan at the meeting with journalists touched upon Olympic silver medalist, European Games silver medalist Mihran Harutyunyan’s announcements.
“Maybe it’s better to ignore and not to answer but I’d like to clarify something. There are questions that should get answers. I’ve been leading the team for 21 years and I have done my work and duties honestly. Every athlete has both rights and duties. If athlete puts himself higher than others and begins to make decisions on his own it becomes impossible to work with him. Everyone must participate in training camps, of course, every athlete is trained individually. One must be able to prove he is a decent athlete and deserves a place in the team,” the Olympic champion said.
Levon Julfalakyan also noted he had never cast doubt upon the fact that Mihran Harutyunyan is a talented wrestler.
“But being talented is not enough, one should improve on. I repeat again any talented athlete is welcome to our team if he is ready to train with everybody and pass all the phases as all the rest wrestlers of the team. It also refers to Mihran Harutyunyan,” the head coach said.

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