ANOC President Gagik Tsarukyan receives the Armenia national basketball team

17:50 - 05 Jul, 2016

The president of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia, Gagik Tsarukyan, has received the winner of the European Championship for Small Countries, the Armenia national basketball team and its coaching staff.

The president of the NOC of Armenia personally showed the basketball players all the infrastructures of Olympavan and told about each of them.
Welcoming the athletes and the guests the ANOC president said,
“I cordially congratulate you on the successful performance. Many people didn’t believe in your victory, but you participated and did it. You achieved the best result. I congratulate and thank you for upholding the honor of our country. States also gain international prestige this way – step by step – performing well. With every victory you see they start to treat your country better – with more respect. This team mainly consists of Armenians living in other countries. We have good Armenian athletes, coaches and specialists in different sports all over the world. This is wealth. This victory is also important given that you proved that Armenians can win in team sports, you broke the stereotype that we are strong only in combat sports. I am conscious that for further victories the team needs support and I’m ready to give it. We will have new achievements together. Your success was very appropriate and timely. Let’s wish the same to our Olympic team which is very strong and ready for the struggle. God protect us all,” the ANOC president said.
The vice president of the Armenian Basketball Federation, Ara Poghosyan, thanked the president of the NOC of Armenia for great support, encouragement and being beside the Armenian basketball all the time.
“We we started forming the team and learned that you were going to support us we got very inspired. Thank you. I want to say that after the victory many of our basketball players as well as the team’s head coach, Tigran Gyokchyan , have expressed a desire to stay and continue training in Armenia. I’m sure you will always support us. Once more – thank you,” Poghosyan said.
The team captain, Zareh Zargaryan, handed the Cup of the European Championship for Small Countries to the ANOC President Gagik Tsarukyan, the team’s coach, Tigran Gyokchyan, gave the gold medal and a ball with the signatures of the team members. The gifts found their special place in the museum of Olympavan.

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