Arsen Harutyunyan: I was sure I would regain the lost points

00:50 - 11 Apr, 2019

The freestyle wrestlers ended their performances at the European Championship underway in Bucharest.

The Armenia team has a new European champion after a 6-year break. At 61 kg Arsen Harutyunyan celebrated a volitional, tense and nice victory 17:11 over Georgian Beka Lomtadze and won the European champion title. After the award ceremony Arsen Harutyunyan answered the questions of the ANOC press office.

-How was the championship and which one was the toughest bout?

-The toughest bout was with the Romanian wrestler. It was very difficult. I got very tired during the first 3 minutes and in the second round I felt that my opponent was “off” and I could win him. The final was tough, too but my opponent was more tired. At that moment my energy rose, I could work on the mat and was sure I would regain the lost points (seconds after the start of the bout Arsen Harutyunyan was losing 0:8, but as a final result he won 17:1 – ANOC press office).

-In all 3 bouts you were attacking and won in the end. What is your secret?

-It is my style. I decided to tire out the opponent during the first 3 minutes and then make tricks and gain points in the second part of the bout.

-Before the European Championship you have had a preparatory phase. How did it help you?

-I’ve had a very useful preparatory period. I want to thank Habetnak Kurghinyan, Edgar Yenokyan, my personal coaches for staying next to me. Without them I wouldn’t be able to win.

-You have also participated in the German Club Championship. Did the experience gained there help you?

-The bouts spent in Germany helped me much. I felt myself more confident. I was very lucky to be there with Roman Amoyan. He helped me much, made me believe I am strong and can win in the European Senior Championship. I’m very grateful to him.

-David Safarayan was the European champion last time. Today he was watching you preparing. What kind of advices did he give you before the final?

-Yesterday I spoke to him too; he advised me how to wrestle. The bout went the way he told me. At the end I’d like to thank my fans. I’m strong with you and would achieve nothing without you, thank you for following and rooting for me.

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