Weightlifter Aghasi Aghasyan places first in subgroup B

16:40 - 14 Apr, 2016

At the European Weightlifting Championships Armenia’s Aghasi Aghasyan  placed first in subgroup B.

10 weightlifters from Albania, Greece, Spain, Ukraine, Georgia, Cyprus, Germany, Israel and Slovakia competed in the 85kg weight class competition of subgroup B.

In the first approach of the snatch Aghasi Aghasyan lifted 153kg but failed to hold overhead the 158kg barbell in the remained two approaches.

In the clean & jerk Aghasyan performed all three approaches lifting 183kg, 187kg and 193kg. Scoring 346kg in the double-event Aghasyan placed first in subgroup B.

In subgroup A of the 85kg weight class 9 weightlifters take part.

On April 14 at 4:25 by local time women’s of 69kg weight class will fight for medals. World former champion, Armenia’s Nazik Avdalyan will join in the competition, too.

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