Janna Stankevich failed at the Judo Grand Prix 2015

16:32 - 26 Nov, 2015

Armenia's judo team members Janna Stankevich (52kg) and Ferdinant Karapetyan (66kg) competed at the Judo Grand Prix 2015 being held in the South Korean city Jeju.

The tournament is qualifying for the Olympics. Armenia's representative Janna Stankevich lost the first fight to the Spanish Laura Gomez. As for Ferdinant Karapetyan (66kg), he gained advantage first over Zhenlong Hui (China) and then over Raimond Ovinou (New Guinea). Unfortunately, the Armenian judoka conceded to Taroh Fujisaka (Japan) and dropped out of the competition.

The Judo Grand Prix 2015 has kicked off on November 26 and will be over on November 28.

ANOC press department

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