Artur Avtisyan: This victory is basis for new successes

10:23 - 08 Jul, 2019

Gymnast Artur Avetisyan scored 14.900 points in the rings final and placed first at the 30th Summer Universiade underway in Naples.

He won the first medal for Armenia in this Universiade.

In a conversation with the ANOC press service Artur has spoken about the victory.

“I can’t describe in words my victory. I’m very happy I showed such a result. It was thanks to my coaches, parents, friends and relatives, they encouraged me much. This victory is a basis for new successes; I certainly won’t be satisfied only with It.” said the new champion.

Artur thinks that the assessment to his performance should be given by the coaches.

“The assessment to my performance should better be given by my coaches. I fulfilled the exercise of the qualification round but unlike the first day in the final my performance was more accurate. It is my first serious success after the silver medal of the 2016 European Championship,” the Armenian gymnast concluded.

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