Mikael Mikaelyan: It’s a great honor for me to represent Armenia at the Youth Olympics

16:03 - 12 Feb, 2016

At the opening ceremony of the Winter Youth Olympics, Armenia’s flag bearer will be Mikael Mikaelyan who is the third athlete from the Mikaelyan family who is given such honor.

These days Mikael passes his last trainings in Norway’s Lillehammer led by his mother Alla Mikaelyan. Mikael has established contacts with his peers from various countries of the world simultaneously with everyday trainings.

Alla Mikaelyan shared her impressions with the ANOC press office before starting the training, “First of all it is quite interesting that my sons will also be flag bearers at Olympic Games. If someone told me 20 years ago that my sons would carry the flag, I wouldn’t believe. Of course, it is a great honor for the Mikaelyan family to be given the honor” she said.

The third flag bearer of the Mikaelyan family, Mikael prepares for the Olympics in high spirits. “I am proud of being the third flag bearer at the Olympics opening ceremony after my mother and brother. I must represent my motherland with honor at the II Youth Olympic Games”, Mikael stressed.

Lillehammer, Norway

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