Wrestler Davit Safaryan has a chance to gain an Olympic qualification

21:18 - 09 May, 2016

2013 world and European champion, freestyle wrestler Davit Safaryan has a chance to gain an Olympic qualification.

Serbian Qualifier finalist and qualification winner Andrey Kvyatkovski’s doping test has showed a positive result due to which he has been disqualified.
At the Serbian Qualifier Safaryan was very close to the Olympic qualification but the world former champion lost the semifinal to Poland’s Mohamedmurad Gajiev and was deprived of the qualification. In another semifinal of the tournament the fight was continued between Zurab Yakobashvili and Ukraine’s Andrey Kvyatkovski who won the Georgian wrestler and qualified for the finals securing Rio 2016 qualification. As the Georgian athlete has managed to gain a qualification in the next Qualifier, the United World Wrestling (UWW) is going to discuss the issue of providing the qualification of the disqualified wrestler to Safaryan during the upcoming Executive Commission meeting.
All Wrestling Qualifiers have already taken place.
The Armenian freestyle wrestling team has 3 Olympic qualifications conquered by Garnik Mnatcakanyan (57kg), Georgy Ketoyev (97kg) and Levan Berianidze (125kg).

ANOC press service

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