Olympic silver medalists about the 31st Olympic Games

15:15 - 02 Sep, 2016

Silver medalists of the 31st Summer Olympics, weightlifters Simon Martirosyan and Gor Minasyan spoke about the Olympic Games during the meeting with reporters.

Simon Martirosyan
I’m very proud and happy that I was the first to win a medal for our country. My family was very happy too which is natural. In Ejmiatsin I was awarded ‘’Ejmiatsin’s friend’’ medal. At the Olympics I surely could and had to lift the last attempt but I am happy with my result.
We have great expectations of the Tokyo 2020 and God willing if we don’t have injuries, we will win medals there too.

Gor Minasyan
We have returned from the Olympics very impressed as we were preparing for them for a long time. I think we lived up to everyone’s expectations. The whole world saw what athletes of such a little country like Armenia are capable of. Armenia had a great achievement winning one gold and three silver medals.
The flat given by Mr. Tsarukyan is not a present. I have received it for the result I had at the Olympics. I did a lot for our country and I deserved it. We are grateful to Mr. Tsarukyan for appreciating our work.
I managed to set personal records at these Games. I think it was the most I could do. We have already begun training and now we feel more obliged for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

ANOC press service

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