The new website of ANOC will have a large section of news

14:00 - 28 Sep, 2015

Armenia's National Olympic Committee introduced its new and updated website.

“The task of the site was modernization. Our previous website didn’t meet modern requirements. One of the changes will be the large section of news”, said Secretary General of ANOC, Hrachya Rostomyan.

“Our task is to increase the coverage of Armenian championships, be they youth, or adults. The main focus will be on the live broadcast of championships, World and European championships will be transmitted from competition place. Photos and materials will be available for all our partners, only a link to the website of the National Olympic Committee is obligatory", said the press reporter of National Olympic Committee, Shushanik Hakobyan.

The website's address of Armenian NOC is retained, but the appearance completely changed. It is adapted for mobile phones and tablets.

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