Hakob Serobyan: The number of medals was a surprise for me

00:05 - 30 May, 2016

The head coach of the Armenian gymnastics team, Hakob Serobyan, spoke about the championship results and the athletes’ achievements in a conversation with ANOC press service.

-Mr. Serobyan, did you expect such an abundance of medals?
-The medals were a surprise for me. Yes, we try to do our best in every tournament but such a number of medals was really unexpected. It was a pleasant surprise. We have the first European champion in gymnastics in the history of independent Armenia.
-What about the guys’ work?
-Artur Davtyan performed the high jump which we are preparing for the Olympics. He did it perfectly. I can say that he deserved a gold medal too. Harutyun Merdinyan performed his complex exercise too but not so well. We have no right to perform in the same way during the Olympics. We have still to work and improve on. As for Vahagn Davtyan and Artur Avetisyan they performed at their best.
-The gymnastics team gives an impression of a strong team. We can say that it is the result of teamwork.
-Of course, we can. I’d like to note that these medals are the result of our teamwork. I’d like to mention by name, Sos Sargsyan, Hayk Nazaryan, Artyom Avetyan and Karen Baghdasaryan. This is the result of work in a friendly atmosphere and the most important is that the guys are friends.

Switzerland, Bern
ANOC press service

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