Tina Garabedian: It’s a great honor for me to represent Armenia

11:36 - 26 Dec, 2015

The Canadian figure skater of Armenian origin, Tina Garabedian has great expectations for 2016. It is a great honor for the 18-year-old figure skater to represent Armenia and she admires Armenia. In a conversation with ANOC press office Tina told about herself, her partner and the future plans.

-Tina, please, tell us about yourself.  

-My name is Tina Garabedian. I was born in the Canadian city Montreal, Canada in 1997. I have two sisters. I began practicing figure skating when I was 3. I fall in love with this sport. Last year I skated with Alexandre Laliberté but 6 months ago I have begun to collaborate with Simon-Proulx Senécal. We participated in the 2015 Junior World Championships with Alexandre Laliberté and came 16th there. This year Simon and me were 3rd rd at the Golden Spin of Zagreb representing Armenia and it was such an amazing experience for us.

-Who are your parents and where are they from?

-My mom’s name is Maral Dermeguerditchian and my dad’s name is John Garabedian, they both were born in Lebanon. 

-We know that you also go to college. How do you combine career with education?

- I skate a half day the other half I devote to my lessons. It’s really difficult to plan a schedule both for skating and studying. We skate as much as possible and when we’re not on the ice, we study as hard as we can. Thanks to organization, discipline and determination, I manage pretty well. 

-Have you ever been to Armenia and, if yes, what impressions did you get? 

-My family and I went to Armenia last summer for the first time and we loved our trip. It was such an incredible feeling to see finally the country about which we have heard and learned so much. We were very delighted seeing Armenian flags at every street corner and hearing native language. It was an unforgettable experience!

-How did you decide to come out under the flag of Armenia? 

-It was a brilliant idea of my coaches. I am so honored to represent Armenia. I am proud of wearing shirts with writing “Armenia” and hear Armenia’s national anthem.

-Please, tell us a little about your partner Simon Senecal. 

-Simon Proulx Senécal and I have been skating since May 2015. He has just turned 24. He is a very good skater with really nice agility and speed on the ice. He is as determined as I am. He works hard when on the ice and manages a few classes at University as well. He is very sweet, kind-hearted and generous which is why we have such a good connection and communication. We are very good friends, something that helps get through our hard training hours. I am very thankful to have him as a partner.

-What plans do you have in 2016?
-We have already made the minimum scores (in the technical element score) in both programs this year for the European Championships, in Bratislava, a competition we will be attending in the end of January. Our goal this year is to attend the 2016 World Championships in Boston. To do so, we need to make the minimum score in the short dance since we have already made it in the free dance. Therefore, we will be participating in the Bavarian Open 2016, in Germany. Hopefully, we will get the minimum score by then and compete in the World Championships coming up in March 2016. Wish us luck. 

ANOC press office 

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