Armenia’s NOC Executive Commission held a meeting presided by Gagik Tsarukyan

18:15 - 28 Apr, 2016

The Executive Commission of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia held a meeting at “Olympavan” which was attended by NOC President Gagik Tsarukyan, NOC Honorary President, Olympic champion Albert Azaryan, NOC Vice Presidents and those Armenian athletes who have qualified for the Olympics till today.

Secretary General of the NOC of Armenia Hrachya Rostomyan welcomed the guests with an opening speech. Then he gave the floor to NOC Vice President Derenik Gabrielyan who presented the work that has been done and will be done in the near future for the 2016 Rio Olympics. NOC President Gagik Tsarukyan also welcomed the guests.
“We should be organized and operate consistently as we have great expectations from the Rio Olympics. Our athletes should represent our country with dignity. Our present achievements don’t give us the right to sit and wait. I know perfectly the potential of our Olympians. Undoubtedly, we are going to do everything for conquering gold medals”, stressed NOC President Gagik Tsarukyan.
The coaches of the athletes qualified for the Olympics also made short speeches.
NOC President Gagik Tsarukyan listened to all coaches and assured that the teams and athletes won’t have any problem during the Rio Olympics preparation.
The ANOC President welcomed and encouraged the athletes hoping that they will register high results.
At the end of the meeting NOC President Gagik Tsarukyan got a picture with the athletes qualified for the Olympic.

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