Rio Olympic Torch was lit in Greece

14:00 - 21 Apr, 2016

The Lightning ceremony of the Rio 2016 was held in the Temple of Hera in Olympia.

In accordance with the tradition the torch was lit by actresses dressed as priestesses of the goddess Hera. Actress Katerina Lehou played the role of the highest priest of the Goddess, Hera, as last year asking Gods to send the Olympic flame to humanity. The flame was lit with the help of special mirrors.

The first athlete to hold the Rio Olympic torch is gymnast Eleftherios Petrounias, he is followed by Brazilian volleyball player, two-time Olympic champion Giovane Gavio. 

The Olympic torch will stay in Greece about a week and on April 27 it will be taken to the capital city Brasilia by plane to the Presidential residence from where on May 3 the torch relay will begin. 

The torch will pass through 329 towns during 95 days travelling 10.000 kilometers by air and 20.0000 kilometers by road. 12.000 torchbearers will take part in the relay.

The official opening ceremony of the Olympics will take place on August 5. From August 5 to 21 within 17 days 10.500 athletes from 205 countries of the world will compete for a collection of 306 medals. The Olympic Games will be held in 33 venues of four regions of Rio; Copacabana, Maracana, Deodoro and Bara.


ANOC press office

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