Nazik Avdalyan – European champion

20:15 - 14 Apr, 2016

Armenia’s women’s weightlifting team member, world and European former champion Nazik Avdalyan became a European champion at the European Weightlifting Championships underway in Forde, Norway.

9 weightlifters were competing in the women’s 69kg weight class competition. During the first approach of the snatch Avdalyan lifted 100kg, then 105kg but failed in 107kg conquering a small silver medal. Darya Pachabut of Belarus took the first place in the snatch.

In the clean & jerk Avdalyan performed all three approaches lifting 122kg, 127kg and 132kg and capturing a small gold medal. With the double-event of 237kg Avdalyan became a European champion.

On April 15 Sona Poghosyan at 75kg will fight for a medal in subgroup A.

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Norway, Forde

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