Armenian judokas launched unsuccessfully at the Tbilisi Grand Prix

16:40 - 25 Mar, 2016

The capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi is hosting a Judo Grand Prix qualifying for the Rio Olympics. In the first day of the competition Garik Harutyunyan (60kg), Ferdinant Karapetyan (66kg) and Zhanna Stankevich(52kg) competed.

Garik Harutyunyan lost the first fight to Turkey’s Ahmed Shahin Kababa. Ferdinant Karapetyan was defeated by London Olympic’s champion, Russia’s Arsen Galstyan and Zhanna Stankevich who had gained advantage over Israel’s Roni Schwartz in the first bout conceded to Odete Gyufrida of Italy.
The rest judokas – Arsen Ghazaryan (73kg), Andranik Chaparyan and Rafael Davtyan (81kg) will come out on March 26.

ANOC press office

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