Regional forum of the heads of NOCs of CIS, the Baltic countries and Georgia was held at Multi Grand Hotel

10:00 - 29 Sep, 2015

On September 29 the regional forum of the heads of National Olympic Committees of CIS, the Baltic countries and Georgia was held at Multi Grand Hotel.

The president of NOC of Armenia, Mr. Gagik Tsarukyan made an opening speech at the ceremony and thanked those present for their participation.

"Dear Mr. Hickey, forum members and guests, I am pleased to see you in Yerevan. This is a really good opportunity for exchanging ideas and discussing issues of the agenda. I am sure all of us are looking forward to an interesting and productive work. The fast-changing and always new challenges in the world require a much greater effort and of course, new approaches for staying faithful to the ideology of Olympic movement. An ideology based on human dignity, equality, free and fair competition. It offers such a model of interrelationships between nations and states, which excludes national, religious and racial discrimination. The Olympic family has sought to self-improvement for generations and contributed to peaceful dialogue and fair competition between nations and states. The world changes but the principles that formed the backbone of the global Olympic family and the Olympic ideology are the same, and they passed the toughest tests of time. The globalization processes of the modern world bring with them new problems. In particular, small countries that possess limited financial and material resources can lag behind the development trends of modern world. It will be reflected on the sports infrastructure, the training of athletes and coaches and the investment of new educational programs. We should find new mechanisms of cooperation with state, private business, international community, as well as Olympic family. All of the above becomes more obvious on the background of today’s challenges and instability of global economy. I invite you all to attend the opening of the new Olympic Village. It corresponds to highest standards requirements. Built exclusively by private investments the Olympic village is really a great stimulus for sports development in Armenia. It gives great opportunities to foreign sports delegations and teams for joint training. Armenia's climate is very suitable for many sports. So you all are invited. The next issue that I should like to emphasize is about our work, especially among youth. Besides sports, Olympic ideals and values of a healthy lifestyle, we must be united and uncompromising in fight against drugs and stimulants among young people. Delay and ignoring may simply lead to irreversible losses. We have serious work to do in this sphere and I think that countries should collaborate. Certainly IOC and national Olympic committees are doing serious work, but they should never stop. There should be serious cooperation between states and Olympic committees in common projects. In today's world full of wars and conflicts the Olympic family should be oasis of peace, solidarity, mutual respect for the peoples. As you know, despite all the obstacles, Armenia's Olympic Committee decided to participate in the first European Olympic Games. I think we took right decision and it was the success of the Olympic family. Our delegation had the constant support of many Olympic Committees and athletes. Thank you all, and a special thank you, Mr. Hickey for the tremendous work. Once again, I welcome the participants and wish stakeholder forum, full of discussions and unforgettable days in Armenia”, he said.

Welcome speeches were made by President of NOCA, Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahad Al-Sabah and EOC President Patrick Hickey, who expressed their appreciation to the organizers headed by the President of the National Olympic Committee, Gagik Tsarukyan for proper arrangements.

The Olympic village of NOC of Armenia was put into operation by the president of Armenia's National Olympic Committee, Gagik Tsarukyan, president of the Association of National Olympic Committees, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah and president of the European Olympic Committee, Patrick Hickey.

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