Tokyo Paralympic medals unveiled

09:30 - 26 Aug, 2019

The Tokyo Paralympic medals, which like the Olympic medals are created in part with metals from recycled cell phones and other small electronics, were unveiled a year before the Opening Ceremony.

Each medal has one to three indentations on its side to distinguish its color by touch — one for gold, two for silver and three for bronze. Braille letters also spell out “Tokyo 2020” on each medal’s face.

While for the Olympic Games Rio 2016, different amounts of tiny steel balls were put inside the medals based on their color, so that when shaken they would make distinct sounds. Visually impaired athletes could shake the medals next to their ears to determine the color.

Besides, the Games organizers have also unveiled the Paralympic Torch uniforms which like medals have a traditional Japanese fan depicted on them.

All the feather s of the fan are joined in one knot which represents bringing together people of various nationalities. In its turn the pattern of the feathers depicts the vitality of people’s hearts and symbolizes the diversity of Japan’s nature.

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