Lilit Mkrtchyan: This medal is a great achievement for me

13:00 - 29 Feb, 2016

Bronze medalist of the European Shooting Championship at 10m running target, mixed Lilit Mkrtchyan considers the silver medal to be a great achievement for her.

“We faced many technical problems. First, my shootings optics was unacceptable for them, we changed it for another one that we had taken with us. I took the 7th position with that optics in the exercise which I had won last year. In the second exercise I hadn’t had a medal yet and this medal was a great achievement for me. In future I’ll try to take part in Adults World Championship as I have dreamed of it for years. We will do everything not to have problems any more”, Lilit Mkrtchyan said.
The European Shooting Championship ended in Gyor, Hungary. Armenia won two team medals and Lilit Mkrtchyan brought a silver medal at running target, mixed scoring 366 points and placing second.

ANOC press office

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