Olympic Village is fantastic. Youri Djorkaeff

17:03 - 02 Oct, 2015

World champion Yuri Djorkaeff admired the new Olympic Village of Armenian Noc. During his staying in Armenia Youri Djorkaeff also visited newly opened "Olympavan".

"This Olympic Village is fantastic. It is a really wonderful structure for athletes. They should think only about training and not to worry about other things. I really loved it. I would train here with great pleasure. If one day there is such opportunity, I’ll do it”, said Djorkaeff to NOC reporter.

"Olympavan’s" construction was launched in 2013. Constructed only on means of NOC’s president, Gagik Tsarukyan, it represents a huge sport base in the size 7500km. The sport base is ready to accept more than 300 athletes under its roof and is equipped with all necessary conditions conforming to the international standards. 

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