Anastasia Galustyan: I am proud that my father and grandfather are Armenians and I have Armenian roots

11:00 - 19 Feb, 2016

The Winter Youth Olympic Games draw to a close. Over the past few days the two representatives of Armenia, Mikael Mikaelyan and Anastasia Galustyan, participated in the skiing and skating events. Before leaving Lillehammer, figure skater Anastasia Galustyan shared his impressions and spoke about her performances and future plans in a conversation with an ANOC reporter.

-Anastasia, please, tell us how you decided to practice skating?

-My parents, both my mother and father are figure skaters. I started to practice skating, too and I consider it logical. Our family lives for skating. Skating has become a lifestyle for us. I was 3 when I first skated and the love towards this sport still lives inside me. My first coaches were and still are my parents.

 -How did you decide to represent Armenia?

-Back in 2012 I was offered to do it and couldn’t miss the opportunity. I am really happy and proud to represent Armenia in international arenas. I have always said it. I am proud that my father and grandfather are Armenians and I have Armenian roots. And the most pleasant is acquiring fans, especially Armenian ones. 

-What did the participation in the Youth Olympics mean for you?

-Of course, the participation in the 2nd Youth Olympic Games was very important for me.  I was upset because my illness impeded me to come out well. I liked my performance in the short program but I won’t make any comment on the free skating program. I could miss the free skating but I decided to take part though I had temperature and felt bad.

 -What impressions are you taking with you from Norway?

-The atmosphere was unforgettable during the games. It was very interesting and memorable. All the athletes were very warm towards each other; it was a real Olympic festivity. I have found a new friend. Here I met figures skaters who come out in international tournaments and I have met them before.

-What tournaments are you going to participate in?

-After recovering I will start to prepare for the World Championship which this year will be held in Boston, USA.

Lillehammer, Norway

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