Armenian representatives – winners of the first FIS SES Cross-Country Cup

15:25 - 20 Jan, 2016

The first FIS SES Cross-Country Cup has kicked off in Tsakhkadzor.

In the first competition day Armenia’s Sergey Mikaelyan was the first to overcome 10km distance at freestyle race reaching the target in 34minuts 41 seconds. The second place took Lithuania’s Lucas Lakeliunas. Armenia’s another representative, Mikael Mikaelyan came third.
Armenia’s Katya Galstyan took the first place of the FIS SES Cross-Country Cup among women crossing first 5 km distance at freestyle race. Nikoleta Sovarshchi and Maida Drndich took the second and third places, respectively.
Simultaneously with the FIS SES Cross-Country Cup a ranking tournament was organized under the auspices of the International Ski Federation where the participants obtained qualifying points.
The classic style competition will be held on January 21.
The FIS SES Cross-Country Cup is attended by 50 skiers from 5 countries of the world; Armenia, Iran, Serbia, Lithuania and Romania.

ANOC press office

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