Artur Nazaryan: In 2015 Armenia proved its ability to have good results in basketball

14:44 - 26 Dec, 2015

2015 was full of events in Armenian basketball too. Armenian basketball players came out in several official competitions. The Armenian Basketball Federation Secretary General, Artur Nazaryan in a conversation with ANOC spoke about teams’ performances and future programs.

-Summing up 2015, please tell what achievements and omissions did the federation have?

-The main achievement, undoubtedly, was participation at the European Championship-Division B for the first time which laid the foundation for having national team and stable performances at international arenas. The successful performance of U16 girls in Division C was also an achievement. We shouldn’t ignore 3x3 basketball where our U18 team conquered a qualification of European Championship final. As for omissions, there are inevitable in a federation with such modest possibilities. Luckily, the omissions didn’t affect the teams’ quality.

-Next year Armenia will send 4 teams to Europe. Till then what changes may be made?

-On January 22 after European Championship draws the terms and the place of trainings for the European Championships will become clear. In the same time we are negotiating with Armenian basketball players of abroad and till May we’ll probably have an enlarged staff from which we’ll choose the best players. We have recently learned that Tigran Gyokchyan is going to lead the national team.

-What task is delivered before the head coach and the basketball players?

-Their task is to win at the European Championship for Small Countries. Before the appointment we have already announced that Armenia expects only victory at the European Championship for Small Countries.

- By the way, how was Tigran Gyokchyan elected?

- During the last 20 years Gyokchyan has been coaching in Lebanon and at present he heads up one of the leading clubs of the country “Sagesse”. He has moved to Beirut from Yerevan, is well familiar with Armenian basketball and he is a real professional.  The decision was taken by the Presidium members taking into account some factors.

- The U20 team head coach position is still vacant. When will there be some clarity concerning this question?

-We continue negotiating and have two candidates. We don’t want to hurry. Probably, in January we will announce the coach who will lead the team to the European Championship-Division B.

 - Overall, what expectations do you have in 2016?

- We're trying to move forward step by step. In 2016 our minimum task will be a step forward.  For example, if this year the U20 players were 12th at the European Championship-Division B, next year they should at least be in the top 10. As I noted this year Armenia’s men’s national team will come out for the first time. This is going to be a great event for Armenian basketball and thousands of fans’ dream will come true. It has been much spoken about having a national team over the past 25 years and finally we achieve it, of course, we would like to celebrate victories. We also have expectations from our male and female youth teams and 3x3 basketball. In 2015 Armenia proved its ability to have good results in basketball.

ANOC press office


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