Hakob Serobyan and Vahagn Davtyan pleased with European Championship result

17:00 - 17 Apr, 2019

Head coach of the Armenia artistic gymnastics team Hakob Serobyan during a press conference summed up the European Championship held in Poland where the Armenia team had won a bronze medal. Vahagn Davtyan had placed third in the rings event.

At the European Championship Armenia has been represented by 6 gymnasts, Harutyun Merdinyan, Arthur Davtyan, Arthur Tovmasyan, Vahagn Davtyan, Vigen Khachatryan and Arthur Avetisyan.

“In general, I’m pleased with the result but we had more opportunities. Before going to the European Championship I had been expecting at least one medal. Harutyun Merdinyan and Arthur Davtyan also could have won medals. Harutyun Merdinyan gave up and I didn’t understand why while Arthur Davtyan struggled till the end. I was sure if Merdinyan qualified for the finals he would do his best as he is a fighting athlete.

Our flight was canceled by a day and coming a day later to a competition can cause serious consequences. I had arrived at the competition place a day earlier as I was among the judges. Because of the cancelled flight our athletes missed the general training. The reception of athletes and hotel accommodation was badly organized. Our guys hadn’t slept two nights but I told them it wasn’t a big problem and that they were fit. Everyone expected a worse participation but we had 2 finalists in the rings and all-around events.

I’m happy for Davtyan’s medal. He showed his best capacities. We didn’t have many expectations of Vahagn Davtyan because of his shoulder injury. But during the competition he forgot everything and performed successfully. If Arthur Davtyan didn’t make a mistake we could have ended up first. He had done the same at the World Championship.
I hope the Olympic Committee will organize for us a training camp in Tbilisi before the European Games. Vahagn Davtyan and Arthur Davtyan have won nominal qualifications for the European Games. Perhaps we also have the third qualification. If Russia refuses the qualification of the rings exercise it may go to Arthur Tovmasyan. As for the refereeing I’d say everything was fair. Our athletes got the points they deserved. The judges assessed normally. If they wanted they could even have left us without a medal,” noted Hakob Serobyan.

European bronze medalist Vahagn Davtyan said he was satisfied with his result.

“I’d assess my performances as good because as a result we won medal. There were drawbacks in my exercise but in gymnastics it isn’t possible without them. I’m very happy I managed to win a medal and a qualification. It’s not only my success but the whole team’s, my friends’, coaches’ and our whole country’s success. I thank everyone who helped me. It was done thanks to a great team work. I aim to perform well at the European Games and the result will depend on my good participation. I’m disposed well, I will prepare and we ‘ll see what will come out of it,” said Vahagn Davtyan.

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