Tigran Gyokchyan – Armenia basketball team’s head coach

14:50 - 24 Dec, 2015

The Basketball Federation of Armenia held a regular meeting of the Presidium during which the assignment of a head coach of Armenia basketball men’s team was discussed.

The Basketball federation President Hrachya Rostomyan declared that many Armenian specialists claimed to the office of head coach. After the discussion the head coach’s office took an experienced specialist Tigran Gyokchyan who has been working in Lebanon in recent years. At present the 50 year-old coach leads one of the strongest clubs of Asia and Lebanon “Sagesse”. After the meeting of the Presidium, Hrachya Rostomyan expressed his opinion about Tigran Gyokchyan’s appointment.

“During the last 2 months the federation presidency has been actively discussing who will lead Armenia to the 2016 European Basketball Championship for Small Countries. By majority of votes it was decided to entrust Tigran Gyokchyan this mission as at present he is the best among Armenian coaches and works in a rather strong club. Gyokchyan has a FIBA coaching license, he is well acquainted with Armenian basketball and has a great wish to lead the national team. He is a true professional, who has presented very clearly his future work in the team and his plans of having a desired result at the European Championship. At the same time, I want to thank the team’s former coach Carl Bardakyan, who has actively worked to reveal Armenian players in previous years”

ANOC press office

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