Levon Julfalakyan: Our athletes have got great experience and passed a hard way

10:50 - 09 Jun, 2016

The head coach of the Armenian Greco-Roman wrestling team, Levon Julfalakyan, will take part in the 31st Summer Olympics as a coaching staff member and a head coach for the 6th time. It’s not a secret that of all the athletes we expect most medals from the Greco-Roman wrestlers. In a conversation with ANOC press service the Olympic champion told discreetly but at the same time clearly what the wrestlers should do at the Olympics.

-Mr Julfalakyan, what is the wrestling team going to Rio for?
-Of course, our team is going to Rio for victories. We all know the Olympic ideology; the main is participation, but for me only participation is unacceptable. The Olympic Games are a universal celebration and the celebration becomes more memorable when returning with victories. Before the Olympics our team has conquered many medals and our goal is to continue winning at the Olympics. I wouldn’t like to mention the color and amount of medals we are planning to conquer but the team is in fighting spirit, I assure you.

-Taking into account your great experience what would you advise the athletes on the mat?
-The most important is to be psychologically prepared. Our athletes have got great experience and they should consider the Olympics as a usual tournament. I’d like them to take things easy but everything depends on a person. They shouldn’t get excited, tense and imagine themselves standing on that mat.

-What conclusions have you reached after the London 2012 that you wouldn’t like to repeat?
-We had technical and tactical gaps there, and I hope the wrestlers won’t make the same mistakes in Rio. Our athletes have got great experience and passed a hard way, and now we should summon up the strength and show your potential.

-Mr Julfalakyan, please, assess the wrestlers not as a head coach but as a professional.
-They all are worthy and experienced athletes. I can slightly single out Arsen Julfalakyan and Artur Aleksanyan. The two others have big potential. All four wrestlers can perform well at the Olympic Games. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages like everyone. The most important is that they are dedicated to their work. God willing, they will succeed at the Olympics.

-What is your team’s “key” to success?
-I don’t want to praise our team much, our society sees it. Our team members are on friendly terms and the atmosphere of warmth, respect, love and solidarity makes the athletes to be good people first of all and than good athletes. We teach the same our newcomers and if they don’t accept it they leave the team.

-What preparations will be done before the Olympics?
-From June 14to 28 the team will train in Crimea, then – in Belarus, and the last training camp will be conducted in Yerevan. As Arsen Julfalakyan competes first we will leave together for Rio on August 11. Maksim Manukyan will arrive with Samvel Gevorgyan on August 12. And on August 13 Mihran Harutyunyan and Artur Aleksanyan with Coach Gevorg Aleksanyan will join us in Rio.

Thank you. I wish you great victories in Rio.

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