U20 and U23 European Championships: Armenian weightlifters’ champion comments

13:45 - 29 Oct, 2019

The Armenian weightlifters, who had won gold medals at the U20 and U23 European Championships in Bucharest from 17-27 October, shared their impressions after returning home.

Simon Martirosyan: “To be honest, after the World Championship I had no time to regain my shape. I thought I would perform worse, but thank God, everything went well and I returned with 3 gold medals
I concentrate easily because it’s my work. We are the masters of our work and we have no right to make mistakes and not to concentrate. I expect good results in the Olympic year, the most important, without an injury. I’m disposed to win an Olympic gold medal,” Rio 2016 Olympic silver medalist, world and European adults’ current champion Martirosyan said.

Samvel Gasparyan: “I had recovered after the injury and tried to stay in shape after the World Championship. Along with my coaches we decided that I would compete in the 109 kg weight class at this championship in order to avoid injuries. Besides, the competition there was fiercer. I won an experienced Spanish athlete there who had won in that weight class for the third year in a row. The result I showed was satisfying,” the Gyumrian weightlifter told the ANOC press service.

Hakob Mkrtchyan: “I’m pleased with my result though I could have lifted more. The rivalry was great. Though Revaz Davitadze was injured but he fought till the last second and fulfilled all the attempts,” world and European adults’ current champion Mkrtchyan told the journalists.

Karen Avagyan: “ My expectations were partially lived up as I knew I would be able to become a champion. My goal was to lift 170 kg and to set a world record but I consider the clean & jerk a failure because I could have lifted more. There was a tough competition. We were very proud to see Europe watching how Armenians got 7 champions. Everyone was surprised how it was possible,” Karen Avagyan told the journalists.

Liana Gyurjyan: “It was my first medal in the youth championship. I had prepared with the help of my coaches, I was in good shape. I’ll try to improve my results,” the athlete told the ANOC press service.
Earlier the Armenia team had ended its performance at the European Championships with total score 11 medals (7 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals) and taken the first position in the team score.

In the U20 competition Liana Gyurjyan (81 kg), Karen Avagyan (89 kg), Arpine Dalalyan (+87 kg) and Varazdat Lalayan (+109 kg) were crowned champions, Ara Aghanyan (89 kg) became a silver medalist and Rafik Harutyunyan (81 kg) deserved a bronze medal.

Monte Mkhitaryan (55 kg) won a small gold medal in the snatch and placed 5th in the total score. Karen Margaryan (81 kg) and Yasha Minasyan (102 kg) who placed 4th in the total score won small bronze medals. Margaryan took the 3rd position in the snatch and Minasyan – in the clean & jerk.

In the U23 championship Hakob Mkrtchyan (89 kg), Samvel Gasparyan (102 kg) and Simon Martirosyan (+109 kg) became European champions. Tatev Hakobyan (87 kg) won a silver medal and Davit Hovhannisyan (89 kg) - a bronze medal.
The Armenia team had left for Bucharest with 21 weightlifters.
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