Melanya Stepanyan satisfied with Armenian Open Championship

22:00 - 04 May, 2019

The Armenian Figure Skating Open Championship which had brought together 103 skaters from 8 counties ended at Irina Rodnina Figure Skating Centre.

ISU Vice President Aleksandr Lakernik and world famous coach Rafael Harutyunyan attended the championship.

President of the Armenian Figure Skating Federation Melanya Stepanyan told the journalists the championship went well.

“I’m satisfied with the championship. The refereeing staff was invited from abroad to hold the championship peacefully, “she said.

Melanya Stepanyan noted that Anastasia Galustyan had missed the championship for a good reason.

“Anastasia couldn’t take part in the championship because of the death of her grandfather, “said the president of the federation.

In Melanya Stepanyan’s opinion the rivalry among Armenian figure skaters has increased.

“75-80 figure skaters from Armenia participated in the championship. There was a noticeable rivalry among the children which wasn’t before. We can form a team which will allow the children to participate in international tournaments,” Melanya Stepanyan told.

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