NOC of Armenia holds seminar on ‘Women and Sport’ in Gyumri

13:35 - 11 Oct, 2019

The National Olympic Committee of Armenia in cooperation with the International Olympic Committee held a seminal on ‘Women and Sport’ in the framework of Olympic Solidarity program.

The seminar, held at the Gyumri State Sports College of Olympic Reserve, was attended by school and sports school teachers and coaches of Shirak Province.
Lectures were delivered by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Ashot Chatinyan, Shirak State University Professor Garegin Barseghyan, International Referee Asya Simonyan, Candidate of Biological Sciences Marina Tshmarityan, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Mesrop Barbaryan and Professor Anna Govelyan.
During the seminar the participants discussed various topics such as peculiarities of pedagogical activities in women's sports, mental health problems, the evolution of women's participation in athletics, women's weightlifting in Gyumri, etc.
The seminar was held in active discussions, and the coaches and trainer-educators got valuable information from international experience.

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