Levon Julfalakyan: I leave satisfied

16:05 - 27 Aug, 2019

Head coach of the Armenia Greco-Roman wrestling team Levon Julfalakyan resigned after having led the team for 20 years.

At the press conference held on August 27 RA honored coach spoke about the reasons of his resignation.

“The time has come. Nothing happens by accident. I resign for several reasons. Let me say in advance I have led the team with great love and dedication. Everyone knows our success and the number of medals. During my working years I have had no problems with the NOC of Armenia, Ministry of Sport or federation. The leaders of these three structures weren’t pleased with the news of my resignation. No one was pro but my decision is irrevocable. I have personally spoken to ANOC President Gagik Tsarukyan presenting him the situation in details. After the conversation he also accepted my point. The reason is the disagreement started in the team over the the past months. Some athletes want the head coach to work on their whim, the schedule of training camps to be formed at their wish. If the athletes are divided into two camps the team loses its strength and unity. A man of my disposition can’t continue working with such a team.” Levon Julfalakyan said.

Answering the question if he leaves the team resentful Julfalakyan said:

“I’m not resentful at the team. I’m resentful at some people for their behavior. But God sees everything from above; everyone will get what he deserves. I have been fully committed to my work and I don’t regret. It’s not excluded one day I will return again,” he concluded.

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