Lev Sargsyan: I joined the World Championship with a back injury

17:45 - 22 Jul, 2019

The Armenian divers ended their performances at the World Aquatics Championship underway in South Korean Gwangju.

In a conversation with the ANOC press service Lev Sargsyan noted he had joined the World Championship with a back injury.

“I can comment on my performance in two ways; a week before the World Championship at the Summer Universiade in Italy I was carried on a stretcher from the competition venue because I injured my back again. It was very difficult to pull myself together as there was no time for recovery, I had to train with back pain”, the diver said.

Lev Sargsyan-Vladimir Harutyunyan pair had entered the top 12 of the 10 m synchronized springboard and then had placed 9th in the final. It should be noted that there are no relevant conditions in Armenia and the Armenian divers try and perform synchronized dives already at the competition.

“As for the synchronized dives I’d say I didn’t dive badly in such condition. It’s painful to walk even till today but, of course, we were striving for a better result. We often joke we don’t have conditions and have to train synchronized dives in the swimming pool of the competition venue. The will power and the desire to show the best make us perform dives during the tournament as there are no relevant conditions in our country. It doesn’t come easy for us.”

During the single dives Lev Sargsyan’s back pain had worsen.

“The load was big. But it was an important experience because the World Cup, a qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games, will be held in Japan and I had to understand my physical condition before it.”

In the end the Armenian diver emphasized they always tried to hold high the honor of the Armenian people.

“We all want our flag to be raised and our anthem to sound at international arenas. Armenians can be not only not worse than others but best of all.” Lev Sargsyan concluded.

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