Tokyo 2020 staff and volunteers uniforms unveiled

11:54 - 22 Jul, 2019

The Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games has unveiled the official uniforms of more than 110,000 staff members and volunteers who will welcome and provide support to spectators, athletes and other visitors during the Games. 

The uniforms are made of breathable material that protects from the heat. They are also water-absorbent and quick-drying. Its trousers can be turned into shorts when the temperature rises. The uniforms are made of recycled polyester and plant material. The uniform shoes have been coloured using a special dyeing process which uses a minimum amount of water.

The uniforms are of two types designed for city volunteers and venue volunteers. The city volunteers’ uniform features a chequered Tokyo 2020 emblem. Its dark blue-and-white patterns will allow the city volunteers to be easily identified by tourists and other visitors on Tokyo’s streets. The venue volunteers’ uniform also features the Games’ emblem.
According to the Tokyo 2020 theme “unity in diversity”, the uniform has a unisex design that will allow staff and volunteers of all ages, sizes and physical conditions to wear it.

Though the city and venue uniforms differ from each other they have similarities to demosntrate the unity between all the staff and volunteers.

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