President Serzh Sargsyan sends a message to the Armenian participants of the 31st Olympic Games

14:37 - 04 Aug, 2016

President Serzh Sargsyan has sent a message to the members of the Armenian delegation left for Brazil for participating in the 31st Olympic Games. The message of the president to the Armenian Olympians says,

“Dear Olympians,

You have an excellent opportunity to uphold the sporting honor of our country in Rio de Janeiro, at the 31st Olympic Games which will kick off on August 5th.

Big sport demands work, discipline and faith in your own abilities. Olympic Games unite strong and brave people. With the mentioned qualities you have already gained the right of representing our country in the main sporting event of the world. It is already a great honor. You only need to succeed at the Olympic arenas and worthily represent Armenia to the whole Armenian nation and fans around the world.

We believe in the Armenian delegation comprising of 33 athletes which is the largest in the history of independent Armenia. You can and must develop the already achieved results and take a place on the Olympic pedestal. You have proved multiple times your high class - your relevant mastery, good general preparedness, necessary experience and high willing qualities.

We are hopeful that you will live up to our expectations at the Brazilian arena and thanks to your victories the Armenian tricolor will be raised.

I wish you success and victorious return to Fatherland.”


ANOC press service

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