Seyran Nikoghosyan: I’m satisfied with Alla Poghosyan’s result

17:30 - 08 Jul, 2019

Head coach of the Armenia shooting team Seyran Nikoghosyan in a conversation with the ANOC press service has summed up our representatives’ performance at the European Games in Minsk.

“I’m satisfied with Alla Poghosyan’s result but I’m displeased with Hrachik Babayan’s result. Alla was pushing ahead in the team competition while Hrachik was pulling back. Alla is only 16 and was competing with adults, therefore I’m pleased with her points.” Seyran Nikoghosyan said.

The team’s head coach also gave an assessment to the organization of the European Games.

“In general, the games were organized well, the food, the transport, but the shooting range was bad. Although it met international standards the ceiling was low and it was hot. I don’t say that it was the reason of our failure, no, simply there were such conditions there,” Seyran Nikoghosyan concluded.

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