Hovhannes Davtyan: We will form a national team with the championship results

19:40 - 18 Nov, 2019

From 16-17 November former Mika Stadium hosted the Armenian Judo Championship. Hovhannes Davtyan, the head coach of the Armenia judo team, commented on the championship in a conversation with the ANOC press service.

“Compared to the previous year the number of participants has somehow increased and it’s very inspiring.

The participants are mostly young and promising athletes who can achieve success due to work. After the championship we will form a national team which will prepare for the next Olympic Games (Paris 2024). The championship participants have great potential. We will make necessary corrections over time and will be able to achieve desired results. As for Ferdinand Karapetyan he didn’t take part in the championship as we don’t want to overburden him in a pre-Olympic year. We decided to free him of the Armenian Championship in order to let him have a rest and prepare for the Olympic qualifying tournaments,” Hovhannes Davtyan said.

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