Minsk 2019: Ferdinand Karapetyan loses quarterfinal

14:46 - 23 Jun, 2019

The third competition day of the European Games is underway in Minsk, Belarus.

Judokas have begun their performances on June 23.

Armenia’s only representative in judo Ferdinand Karapetyan (73 kg) started the competition from the 1/16 finals where defeated Portugal’s Jorge Fernandez.

In the 1/8 final Ferdinand was stronger than Russia’s Musa Mogushkov.

In the quarterfinals the Armenian judoka competed with Azerbaijan’s Rustam Orujev and conceded.

Karapetyan will fight in the repechage round where he will face Azerbaijan’s Khidayad Heydarov.

In case of a victory Karapetyan will get an opportunity to fight for bronze.

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