U23 Senior European Championships: Coaching summery

15:00 - 13 Mar, 2019

Head coach of the Armenian freestyle wrestling national team Habetnak Kurghinyan and senior coach of the Armenian Greco-Roman wrestling youth team Armen Babalaryan summed up the U23 Senior European Championships held in Novi Sad, Serbia at the meeting with reporters.

Habetnak Kurghinyan: “I want to express my gratitude that such events become a tradition and after every tournament we appear in the center of reporters’ attention. Vazgen Tevanyan and Khachatur Papikyan won medals as for the rest wrestlers they all are young and have potential and chances. They lost in equal fights and it needs to be worked out. We can achieve them to win medals in next championships.  We will have a rest for a few days and then will mount a training camp and prepare for the European Adults Championship. The trainings will show what expectations to have from the European Championship. In any tournament both coaches and athletes expect victory. It’s desirable to have many medals and to please everybody. I have already told that the adults’ team undergoes a generational change and the Armenian Championship proved the fact. The process of passing on the adults’ level is difficult for young wrestlers but we work on it seriously. I value much the rivalry in weight classes. I’d be very glad to see the same rivalry in the other weight categories as it is in the 65 kg weight class. For it we have competitions. Everyone will get a chance. The winner will be included in the team. I don’t interfere, I don’t prefer or underestimate any athlete. Whoever wins will be sent to the championship.”

Armen Babalaryan: “Slavik Galstyan won silver, and it’s natural that he had to win. I’m saying it because he had won the Georgian wrestler 10:0 at the World Championship. Perhaps his only disadvantage was psychological. In my opinion he was hurrying wishing to win and with higher points. He was winning 8:4 but showed a little weakness on the last minute and lost to the Georgian wrestler. As for the points they were given without partiality. We may say that our guys are guilty for their losses.
The coaching staff studied the wrestlers’ defects and advantages. It became clear what kind of individual work should be done with athletes before competition to move on the senior level. Our coaches are highly experienced and we will do our best to rejoice our fans in the next tournaments.”

Lets us recall that the Armenian Greco-Roman wrestling youth team finished the U23 European Championship with one silver medal where it performed with 5 wrestlers. From the team led by Armen Babalaryan Slavik Galstyan at 63 kg became a silver medalist, the other representatives, Norayr Hakhoyan (55 kg), Armen Melikyan (60 kg), Hrant Kalachyan (72 kg) and David Ovasapyan (130 kg) didn’t succeed.

The Armenian U23 freestyle wrestling team led by Habetnak Kurghinyan conquered one gold and one bronze medal. Vazgen Tevanyan (65 kg) was named European U23 champion and Khachatur Papikyan (74 kg) took bronze. Vaghinak Matevosyan (57 kg), Hrachya Margaryan (61 kg), Gevorg Mkheyan (70 kg), Hovhannes Mkhitaryan (86 kg) and Sargis Hovsepyan (92 kg) failed to win medals.

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