Hrachya Rostomyan highlighted the necessity of developing the women's weightlifting

19:48 - 10 Feb, 2017

The RA minister of Sport and Youth Affairs and the Secretary general of Noc of Armenia Hrachya Rostomyan today at the meeting with the weightlifting coaches and professionals has marked, that 2016 has been a year of great achievements and the efforts that Olympic Committee and The Federation invested for dignified participation in Olympics Games of Rio were fully justified.

Hrachya Rostomyan mentioned the roll of National team head coach Pashik Alaverdyan and marked that he enjoys the confidence of the president of NOC of Armenia Gagik Tsarukyan. 

''I should also talk about women's team that indicated a great result in European Championship. But the unlucky response in 2008 and 2012 didn't allow us to participate in Olympic games. At that time we have told them not to do so. Did you see what happened? Three cases! But now we are calm. Everything that was done, was without any prohibited substances'',- said Hrachya Rostomyan.

The Secretary general of Noc of Armenia highlighted the importance of the necessity of developing the women's weightlifting.

''We have discussed this question with the women's head coach Artashes Nersisyan and we have came to a result that in every sport school, the coaches are to recruit girls  group. Otherwise, we are going to face up some problems in the future'',- announced Hrachya Rostomyan. 

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