The Olympic Games of football loving Brazilians

15:30 - 07 Aug, 2016

The Olympic Games are gradually getting active. The Olympic village is full of life and the Olympic park begins its activity at 8:00. The center and the link of all this is the media center.

For these Olympic Games the organizers have created a city within a city in sunny Rio. The fastest means to connect sporting venues of the Olympic park are buses that run punctually. But one of the gaps of the Olympics is that the most part of the volunteers doesn't speak English. Of course, in such cases the art of expressing yourself by arms and legs helps much: you speak Armenian and get the answer in Portuguese and achieve the desired result.

It would be unforgiveable not to share my impressions of the opening ceremony of the 31st Olympic Games with you. Few minutes before the start of the ceremony our sporting delegation had to tour the whole Maracana stadium at an incredible speed as the volunteers didn't know where the entry for journalists was. Anyway, Maracana which has a spirit of past was very attractive from the first sight with interesting solutions. Brazilians haven't spent much money on the opening ceremony, maybe it was really colorful on the screen but for the audience the interest was fading from time to time. Yes, this opening ceremony didn't have the abundance of the Beijing Games or the luxury of the London Games but Brazilians showed what they have; a lot of sun, warmth and ocean.

It's impossible not to have gaps in such a large-scale event. Rio is one of the biggest cities of the world and Maracana is situated in the opposite side of the Olympic venues, more than an hour of way. Two hours later after the end of the ceremony a big crowd of journalists was waiting for buses which ran very badly. Only three hours after the end of the ceremony we finally managed to get to the hotel.

But to be honest, a part of Rio is hosting the Olympic Games while the other part doesn't know that these days the strongest athletes of the world have gathered in their city. The Olympic Games are passing by Brazilians but many of them give importance to other things, including football.


Varvara Hayrapetyan

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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