Ara Poghosyan: Our participation in the Russian Super League depends on the clubs decision

11:55 - 18 Jul, 2016

The brilliant performance of the Armenia national basketball team at the European Championship for Small Countries put the beginning of the Armenian basketball culmination in our country. A new basketball club was formed by the Armenian Basketball Federation which was called Urartu and it applied for the participation in the Russian Super League.

The ANOC press service asked the vice president of the Armenian Basketball Federation, Ara Poghosyan, to tell in what stage is the participation of the Armenian club in the Russian Super League.

“We have applied to the Russian Basketball Federation for the participation in the Super League. It has accepted it but our participation in that championship depends only on the agreement of the clubs. By the way, I want to note that the news spread in some media sources according to which the chairmen of the Russian Basketball Federation have given its agreement and our club is going to take part in the Super League is wrong.  I want to stress once more that our participation depends on the clubs’ decision, the Russian Federation and its chairmen don’t decide anything. Now we are waiting for the clubs’ answer,” Poghosyan said.

The Urartu basketball club will be mainly comprised of the members of the Armenia national team; foreign players will also be invited to the club. The Armenia national team’s head coach, Tigran Gyokchyan, will train the team.

ANOC press service

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