Tigran Gyokchyan: I am striving to develop and bring the Armenian basketball to a new level

14:20 - 07 Jun, 2016

The Armenia national basketball team is preparing for the European Championship for Small Countries during a month. On June 7 the new coach, Tigran Gyokchyan, who has got a huge experience both in Lebanese and Asian clubs, joined the team.

-How was the training under your leadership?

- My assistants have started the work from June 1. As for me I arrived in Yerevan yesterday evening because the Lebanese Championship hadn’t ended yet. I didn’t show much during the first training. We are working on the technical and tactical moves and still haven’t got a clear picture of the team potential. We need time to learn the abilities of each player.

-What plans do you have before the European Championship?

-Besides the trainings we have planned several friendlies with the youth team, Iranian teams and possibly with one of the Russian clubs. The Iran national and youth teams are expected to arrive on June 23-25. All this will be approved soon.

-As a new coach, what is your goal?

- My goal is not a one-time effect. I am striving to develop and bring the Armenian basketball to a new level. The beginning will be the creation of a long-awaited national team. We should help sports schools, pay attention to a creation of clubs and hold in the center of attention youth teams. I’d like to see the Armenian young players in the adults’ team in future.  I am hopeful that the Armenian basketball can develop with new strength and revive.

-The Armenian Diaspora’s youth is the team’s essential core, how are you going to use their potential?

 -There are both experienced and young players in the team who will help the national team. I have always followed the guy’s games and I know their potential. We have some promising players who can achieve much.

-Now you are preparing for the European Championship for Small Countries now. What problems are you facing?

-Of course, we always want to win and fight for first place. We have an opportunity to fight for the best places at the European Championship for Small Countries. But I want to create a base for the future, besides this national team. We have this chance thanks to Federation Secretary General Hrachya Rostomyan, Gabriel Ghazaryan, Ara Poghosyan and Artur Nazaryan.  Basketball enjoys great popularity both in Europe and in the whole world, and this way we will be able to raise Armenia’s reputation worldwide.

ANOC press service

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