Harutyun Merdinyan: I changed my program during the performance

00:20 - 30 May, 2016

The new European champion in gymnastics, Harutyun Merdinyan shared his first impressions, spoke about his exercise and Olympic Games in an interview with ANOC press service.

-Harutyun, I congratulate you. You are creating history at this moment. You have conquered 2 bronze and one silver medal at European Championships and now - a gold medal. How are you feeling now?
-(Laughs). My every result is about 25 years old. I am extremely happy. I am gratified that I achieved such a result before the Olympics, although there are some elements to improve on.
-In the pommel horse semifinal the athletes performed more confidently. Today only 3 of 8 athletes didn’t fall off, including you. Was it because of the tension?
-Definitely. Everybody was on edge there, including me. I started my exercise with a mistake but then I changed the program adding more complex elements. My nerves were steady, that’s why I didn’t fall off. When opponents tumble the tension increases.
-Did the coach advise you to do a lighter exercise before the performance?
-The coach simply advised me to do my old exercise to feel me more confident because all the athletes before me had fallen and that had multiplied my tension.
-So you changed your performance.
-Yes, I made a mistake from the beginning and I was obliged to correct it. I changed my exercise adding new complex elements. Thank God I could succeed.
-Gymnastics is unpredictable. Anyway, what should we expect from ruling European champion Harutyun Merdinyan at the Rio Olympics?
-I can’t say anything in advance. One needs steady nerves on the pommel horse. Everything will be clear there.

Switzerland, Bern
ANOC press service

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