Vanik Avetisyan: I wish the guys do what I failed to do

09:50 - 13 Apr, 2016

Armenian men’s weightlifting team member, winner of European Championships’ small bronze medal Vanik Avetisyan wonders why the referees didn’t scored his attempt in the clean & jerk.

“This small bronze medal isn’t so important to me as the attempt that on my opinion was not wrong. Of course, I’d like to understand my mistake during the clean & jerk when I lifted 181kg.  I saw both the referees’ sign and the bell ringing. God forbid that this incomprehensible situation affect the rest team.  I wish the guys do what I failed to do. I couldn’t concentrate during the snatch. I was very calm and confident due to it I failed in the first attempt. In the second attempt I did what I usually do during trainings. I began the clean & jerk with 175kg to secure team points and with 181 kg I tried to capture the big medal”, Vanik Avetisyan said to ANOC press service.

At the European Championships underway in Forde, Armenia’s Vanik Avetisyan captured a small bronze medal.

ANOC press service

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