Anna Govelyan: Of course, I am not happy with the 174kg result

22:24 - 11 Apr, 2016

Armenian women’s weightlifting team member Anna Govelyan isn’t happy with the result registered at the European Championships.

“As for me, I am not happy with the 174kg result. But taking into account that this year our main goal is to succeed in team results and that my performance has brought 50 points to the team, then everything is not so bad. Unfortunately, in the last attempt I failed to lift 100kg but usually, during practicing I lift 105kg. Maybe, I didn’t manage because of too much self-confidence. I usually have difficulties with lifting the barbell up to my clavicles”, Govelyan said in a conversation with ANOC press service.

Anna Govelyan came in 9th in the women’s 53kg weight class competition of the European Weightlifting Championships. She was the leader of subgroup B.

Norway, Forde

ANOC press service

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