Armenian gymnasts have returned from Doha

17:55 - 29 Mar, 2016

Armenia’s gymnastics team has returned from Doha where it took part in the 9th Artistic Gymnastics World Cup. 

Three-time Olympic champion Albert Azaryan, employees of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, the athlete’s relatives, friends and students of the gymnastics sports school after Azaryan came to welcome the Armenian athletes.
World Cup and Olympic qualification winner Harutyun Merdinyan expressed contentment with his performance in a meeting with reporters.
“At this World Cup I performed the same program as at the World Championship in Glasgow but with more accuracy and got a higher assessment. Achieving such result before the Olympics makes me happier. We have the European Championship ahead of us where I am going to perform the program with more complicated elements and to repeat it at the Olympics, too”, Merdinyan said.
Vahagn Davtyan reckons that he still has gaps to work on. “Both me and Artur have conceded to the cup winner insignificantly. In gymnastics everything is possible. We must work harder to succeed at the European championship. Our internal rivalry with Artur Tovmasyan only benefits us and increases our qualities”.
Artur Tovmasyan is content with his results, too. “We lived up to both our and our coaches’ expectation that is more important for us than the positions we took. We might have won but been displeased. If the coaches are content I am content, too”.
At the 9th Artistic Gymnastics World Cup in Doha Harutyun Merdinyan finished first in the pommel horse and Vahagn Davtyan and Artur Tovmasyan won a silver and a bronze medals, respectively, in the rings.

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