Hakob Serobyan: Merdinyan and Davtyan have a special training program

11:12 - 21 Jan, 2016

Armenian gymnasts are at training camp in Tsakhkador. As in 2015, this year the first training camp of Armenia’s gymnastics team is aimed at a general physical preparedness.
“It’s the second year that with the support of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia we are holding a training camp in Tsakhkadzor and we are very grateful for it. The last year experience showed that the training camp had a positive impact on our gymnasts. And the best proof is their results. This year the training camp is attended by 10 athletes, 4 of them are teenagers and young people who have never been to such a training camp. Training with adults is very important for them as they are leaders among the coming generation. Harutyun Merdinyan and Artur Davtyan have their special training program. We train in the wrestling hall. We have chosen this hall because the carpets here are very suitable for a warm up and several exercises. We have brought with us 3 little apparatuses. Mainly, we work on the increase of the gymnasts’ resistance”, Hakob Serobyan, the head coach of the Armenian gymnastics team noted in a conversation with ANOC.
The training camp has kicked off on January 10 and will end on January 24.

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