Sergey Mikaelyan: It’s very important for me to achieve a good result in Armenia

16:40 - 20 Jan, 2016

Member of the Armenian ski team Sergey Mikaelyan gives great importance to the international tournaments organized in Armenia.

“The first FIS SES Cross-Country Cup is organized in our country and it is very important for me to achieve a good result in this tournament. I was competing with two strong skiers from Belarus. As for my future plans I still don’t know what tournaments I am going to participate in”, Mikaelyan said to reporters.
Another Armenian representative Katya Galstyan opines that the competition wasn’t that easy. “The rivalry was very successful but I couldn’t concentrate better because of the snow. Anyway, I managed to overcome the distance first. From my opponents I will single out the skier from Romania”, she said.
In the first competition day Armenia’s Sergey Mikaelyan was the first to overcome 10km distance at freestyle race reaching the target in 34minuts 41 seconds. The second place took Lithuania’s Lucas Lakeliunas. Armenia’s another representative, Mikael Mikaelyan came third.

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