Gagik Tsarukyan: Our goal is the development of boxing

09:10 - 14 Dec, 2019

President of the NOC of Armenia Gagik Tsarukyan attended the opening ceremony of the Leather Glove boxing tournament kicked off at Yerevan’s Dinamo Sports Arena on 13 December and had a briefing with journalists.
“Our goal is the development of boxing that will provide an equal competition not for 1 or 2 but 5-6 boxers in each weight class. By the results of this tournament the best boxers will be chosen and will take part in the qualifying tournaments of the Tokyo Olympic Games. The important for us is the strength of an athlete, it doesn’t matter who he is or where he is from. In the previous Olympic Games we had 5 qualifications but the important is not the number of qualifications but the result. Let us have 2-3 participants who will bring medals from the Olympics. Any athlete can become a champion if he sets a goal. Nothing is impossible because we have created all the conditions.” the NOC President noted.
The Armenia national team will be formed by the results of the Leather Glove tournament and will take part in the qualification tournaments organized by the IOC and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The tournament was attended by 75 boxers from Yerevan and Armenian regions (photos).

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